Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FGC : August is coming guys!

Hair - MINA Hair - Mientje

Complete outfit - *Cila* - YuanWu Warrior Gold RARE Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival /Start's 8/August

Spear - *Cila* - YuanWu FangTianHuaJi Spear RARE Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival /Start's 8/August

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Guy

Hair - [INK] - UBER ::Black(Click Resize)

Head tie - [SWaGGa] - Rough Night Tie {Multi Texture Hud}

Mask - [Iruco] - Surgical mask (big mouth)

Earring - .Shi : - Journey Earring [Unisex.Right] {Group Gift} {Multi Texture Hud}

Upper arm chain - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Upperarmchain {Gacha}

Armband - (epia) - Symbol Armband {Group Gift} {Multi Texture Menu}

Gloves - .Shi : - Fingerless Glove [Male] RARE {Gacha} {Multi Texture Hud}

Necklace - .Shi : - Ravel Fabric Necklace [Male] {Group Gift}

Shirt - { A P N E A } - Skull Henley Available @ Bro Colture

Pants - Legal Insanity - Marcel baggy jeans death blue

Shoes - FLite. - Masters Black Affair

Tattoo - SwaggedOut - Native Heart  Available @ Bro Colture


Hair - .ploom. - Carrie - Indecisive

Mask - PFC~ - Night Queen {Multi Texture Hud} Available @ {Secret affair }

Collar - [The Forge] - Banded Collar, Gold/White

Dress - *{Junbug}* - Mrs. Darcy Floral

Pearls - Part of *COCO* - FurTippet&Pearls (White) DarkBrownFur

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cyber P2

Helmet w/ goggles  - A&Y - Cyber Helmet M3050 {Multi Texture Hud}

Hair - A&Y - Dante hair 1st ver - Black

Mask - A&Y - Lumen Cyber Mask (Male) {Multi Texture Hud}

Jacket - FashionNatic - Martin Jacket {Multi Texture Hud}

Cyber heart - Necronon - Cyberheart 2.0

Belt [NeurolaB Inc.] - Cyber Belt X-2 (MEN)  {Multi Texture Hud}

Pants - FashionNatic - Kevon Suspender Pants {Multi Texture Hud}

Shoes  - FLite. - Masters Black Affair Available @ {Limited Project event}

Weapon [R] - DubStep Gun (White) (Cool gun with many musics and glowing effects on bullets)

Monday, July 21, 2014


Hey guys! Check out some new releases from A&Y ,like always everything with totally HIGH Quality!!! You will able to control the hair ,the helmets and the boots with many options to customize as you like with shines,glows,colors and more of many different areas of the item! Also ,here we go to match some new R3volt releases and of course, with a giant hud to change textures to mix and match!!
And .......... At Secret affair you will find 22769 with some new releases like that amazing necklace and more ...Keep your eyes here for more previews!

Makeup - :[P]:-The Plastik - Fauxe Makeup:// Demora

Helmet - A&Y - Cyber Helmet M3050 {Multi Texture Hud}

Hair - A&Y - Jetix Hair - {Multi Texture Hud}

Necklace - 22769 ~ [accessories] - Leafes Necklace Silver Available @ {Secret affair }

Dress - [R3]R3volt - Lori Dress [V3] {Multi Texture Hud}

Bracers - [R3]R3volt - Bracelet {Multi Texture Hud}

Boots - A&Y - Deuz Boots Metallic Fitted Mesh {Multi Texture Hud}

Rebel girl

Hair: (r)M - Hair No.23'14 - Red Organdy

Collar: .Enfant Terrible. - Decor Armor Necklace black

Helmet[The Forge] - Punk Helm {Gacha}

Goggles: REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION - Sandstorm

Mask: -DRD-Death Row Designs - Tubes mask

Top [R3]R3volt - Elianna Top {Multi Texture Hud}

Top armor and pauldrons: Part of  -DRD-Death Row Designs - Brynhild armor Available @ {Secret affair }

Bracers [R3]R3volt - Bracelet LEFT {Multi Texture Hud}


L Gloves
: REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION - Scissorhands

Leggings [R3]R3volt - Niamh Leggings {Multi Texture Hud}

Belt: -DRD-Death Row Designs - female utility belt dark leather Available @ We Love Roleplay

Shoes: -DRD-Death Row Designs - Whoreheels

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unknown Viking!

Hair with headpiece - Yasum - Cyber Dreads*EPIC*MALE* {Multi Texture Hud} Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival /Start's in August

Horn with headpiece - Pure Poison - Clark Horns Headress - Review Copy

Eye patch - Sweet Poison - The Salty Dog Eye Patch (Left) Fur

Fangs - [ContraptioN] - The Carnivorous Jaw

Ears - [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf ears {Multi Texture Hud}

Collar - [The Forge] - Rope Chains

Necklace - Eclectica - Octopus Neckpiece-Black(m)

Pauldron - [The Forge] - Gorged Pauldrons,  (Bronze) fur Available @ We Love Roleplay

Chest belt - Part of [The Forge] - Daerwen Armour, Male

R upper arm chain - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Upperarmchain

L upper arm dagger - [The Forge] -  Leg Dagger, Male, Brown

Stomach belt - [The Forge] - Stomach Belt Male, Black

Belt with sword and scripted sword ready for RP - [EZ] - Drake's Cutlass

Bracers - [The Forge] - Viking Bracer

Pants with mechanical leg - [SWaGGa] - Viking Pants  (Pirate) - Black RARE Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival /Start's in August

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New new new!

After a break time ,now R3VOLT is back with many many new releases for you! Keep your eyes here for more previews and check out that amazing new releases !

Headband - [R3]R3volt - Beau Headband [V2] {Multi Texture Hud}

Hair - ~Tableau Vivant~ - Lindgren Hair

Necklace 1 - Wimey: - I'm Wired Collar Black and White

Necklace 2[The Forge] - Rope Chains

Harness [The Forge] - Embrace Harness Available @ ROMP Fair

Top - [R3]R3volt - Muse Top {Multi Texture Hud}

Upper bracelets - [R3]R3volt - Unisex Bracelets [V2] {Multi Texture Hud}

Lower bracelets - [The Forge] - Gypsy Bracers Available @ The Countdown Room

Belly chain - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Waistchain

Shorts - [R3]R3volt - Adrie Shorts [V2] Fitted Mesh {Multi Texture Hud}

Boots - [R3]R3volt - Kenna Boots {Multi Texture Hud}

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Get ready for Secret Affair guys! The event start's 15/July and check out what PFC~ prepared for you! That amazing armor has Materials enabled ,comes with a hud to change the metal and the fabrics textures so you can mix and match many colors!

Helmet - PFC~ - Iron Helm - chained {Gacha}

Full armor - PFC~ - The Guard {Multi Texture Hud} Available @ {Secret affair / start's 15 July }

Gloves - PFC~ - Gauntlet {Multi Texture Hud}

Sword - [EZ] - Susanoo Katana {Multi Texture Hud}

Shield - PFC~ - Herald Shield (iron)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

More Beach Stuff!!

And here we go with more cool previews for you! At Save the Date Event you will find that amazing beach set made by N4RS with a full scripted Beach Lounge, it has texture changer, rezzer with a towel, Hud to control, face animations,single and couple adult animations , the set also comes with the  Beach Wind Screen, Flip Flops, side table and some cold beers for you!
And ,at Summerfest you will find that super cool BoomBox made by REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION

Beach Lounge, Beach Wind Screen, Flip Flops, Side table and Beers - N4RS - South Beach Available @ Save The Date

Boombox - REMARKABLE ♦ OBLIVION - RetroCool BoomBox - Prop Available @ Summerfest