Saturday, June 8, 2013

Daft Punk (Thomas)

Daft Thomas (Complete Avatar)

This complete avatar is based on a member of the electronic music duo Daft Punk, Thomas B., the origin of them by one of the members These Robots were born of an accident in his studio. When they were working on their sampler, exactly at 9:09 on 9 September 1999, it exploded. When you regain consciousness, they discovered they had become robots. and their motherboards were secretly connected to the grid of Second Life.
The helmet comes with several options, Practically all variations Career visual duo are available for you, each helmet has custom animations based on real helmets easily accessible by HUD.
The outfit based on more modern look of the duo, a blazer sequined based on the casual blazers muschi. shoes, pants and necklace was created exclusively for this avatar.


Complete Avatar - MUSCHI Mesh - Daft Thomas (Complete Avatar)

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