Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Have you heard about a store called TRAUM before? If not, welcome to the fun!!!!!!!
I am a fan of TRAUM store since 2007, Renn Yifu (TRAUM Owner and creator) made and still make great avatars and really interactive and funny ones! You need to check it out!!

And now TRAUM offer you a new project called Genom Project with amazing mesh avatars!

How it works:

1- You can go to TRAUM Store and buy any avatars that you like.


2-  Join the VIP Group and get all Genom Project avatars for free and 90% of all Renns TRAUM products Discount.

Now lets see a little more about the Genom Project!!

Genom Project is a new Mutant Experiment with animal DNA - Cell Manipulation:
*Goliath* the first test object a young ape shows in less then one week a extreme heavy body mutation.

this extreme great working experiment was only the begin so we catch us some different reptiles. in the evolution we learned reptiles makes the most fast evolution steps in a short time. the body color changed into natural background and there are hidden. the modern military use this way of stealth to hide in jungle or not? but we want more.. the next generation was born, spikes grow out of there body and got a new protection level and with the last point we adapt the tail mutation. if a reptile lose his tail it grows again. this was an amazing feature we need it too... now
*Goliath* the test object no.one got this feature with DNA manipulation:

skin color, tail and spike mutation sounds nice but this was not enough..
the idea was to give goliath horns. different styles are now possible:

but, our scientist team was not happy with this end result,
they want wings.. but reptiles with wings? .. few days in australia (holidays, yeah sure!!) and we catch some bats.
the mutation of batwings makes us trouble but Goliath learned fast to life with the mutations.
he have every time pain if his wings grow out of his body. but it seems he haves the full control about it.
amazing but i have pity on him.

few days later.... i forgot my red coffee mug.. (stupid Renn, this was a lot trouble) Goliath have seen that.. and this was curious
over night he learned from alone to change his body color into a RED tone.
this was a bit disgusting 

and give us inspiration to try a new test, to the begin when we catch some animals we catch us a black mamba.
oh yeah a wild black mamba.. :) extreme deadly snake, dont do this at home friends. the test was the terrarium with the black snake
over night in the same room with goliath.
and it was amazing.. at the next day he learned to adapt the skin of the black mamba.
check this out:

... after this long time we discuss about to euthanize Goliath. (i could never do that)
they say, because he grow to fast and learn to fast that we do not have him under control anymore in the future...
i think he heart us. his body is stronger, faster and haves a lot of mutations..
goliath tried to escape (no wonder huh?) but he had no chance the security system is extreme powerful.
but then i got a idea... 

we created him a Bionic Armor with integrated control chip and educational software.
with this newest technology we have him now under full control.
OMG, he learned speaking??!! and it seems he is friendly and happy for the moment?!

we finish the first test row and saved the Cell Code in a capsule.
the next TESTS will come.

And now you can Teleport to Reens Traum Store.

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