Friday, November 29, 2013

New Deadwool release!

Just another amazing release from Deadwool , i took just one pic with a scarf , so you can have a alternative idea, that scarf fits perfect with the coat and also comes with a hud to change the texture and its modify, i changed the color by myself to make a good combination =) Also check Deadwool main store for more coat color options ,it cames with a hud to change the shirt textures.....

Coat with shirt
- [Deadwool] - Corto coat - (black) [Multi texture Hud for shirt]

Scarf - [PM]Pixel Mode - Winter Scarf - Mens

Top Hat - [ContraptioN] - Standard Issue Top hat [Old exclusive item]

Goggles - [ContraptioN] - Specialist's Goggles [Old exclusive item]

Pants  - ::GB:: - Plaids pants Gray

Shoes -::GB::- WingT_high cut_black

Gloves - [R3]R3VOLT - Studded Gloves

Pipe -::BB:: - Bubble Pipe for DU2013

Earring - .Shi : Journey Earring [Unisex] {Luxe group Gift}

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