Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Many new releases ,gifts and 25ls only items !!!


Xmas tree - PFC~ - Dead Christmas Tree 25L Holiday Bazaar

Shield - PFC~ - The Beauty 25L Holiday Bazaar

Candles - *OAL* - Candle Stand 25L Holiday Bazaar

Rug - *~ DT ~* - Christmasy Rugs 25L Holiday Bazaar Gift

Xmas gifts w/ animations - Kei's Clowning for the Camera 25L Holiday Bazaar Gift

Wall Sled - [DDD] - Wall Sled 25L Holiday Bazaar

Sled to pull with animation - {RW} - Christmas Survival Sled  25L Holiday Bazaar Gift

ChroMiuM Praga Wears:

Hat - 8f8_- RACCOON Hat [The Arcade]

Gloves - 8f8_- RACCOON Mittens [The Arcade]

Scarf - -DRD-Death Row Designs   - Scarf [Multitexture Hud]

Shirt - :SEY - Ensemble & Cut-off / Mesh, unisex [01, C, sweater]

Pants - [Deadwool] - Lahood pants_mesh - black [Multitexture Hud]

Socks - TonkTastic - Sock Tops Add-On for 50's Jump Boots (boxed)

Boots - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Begger's boots BLACK [Multitexture Hud]

Leg pouch - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Legpouch - Fully loaded [Gacha RARE item] [The Arcade]

Necklace - LUAS - Reni Necklace 25L Holiday Bazaar Gift

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