Sunday, February 9, 2014

The dark side....

Oh guys,i feel bad doing that with that voodoo dolls,scared when i clicked on it LOL Its really funny,you need to check it yourself!
And, amazing creations can be found at We Love RP of this mouth! Check out that creations from Consignment Store, not much to say about , totally High Quality! Still not went to both events? SO are you waiting for? GoGoGo!

Voodoo Dolls - MadPea - Voodoo Valentines (Full animated on touch) [Mieville Midway gacha]

Books with skull - [Con.] - The Incantanium Novellas - Black (We Love Roleplay)

Pot with head - [Con.] - Shrunken head of you know who (We Love Roleplay)

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