Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MWFW 2014 its coming!

Yes! Its coming with many high quality clothes for all kind of males !!!! Check out that amazing suit from Blvck Anchor , you will find many different colors when the event starts!Also it goes good with the new Eudora 3d shoes,it has materials support so looks really cool when you walk around !

Hat - *LODE* - Hat - Fredi [not rigged] Pastel {Multi Texture Hud}

Goggles - [ContraptioN] - Undercity Scavenger *default no mask* [TDM] {Multi Texture Menu}

Suit - `Blvck Anchor` - Black Suit {Soon @ MWFW 2014}

Shoes Eudora 3D -  Oxford Low Tops (Materials) {Multi Texture Hud}

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