Monday, April 7, 2014

Secret Affair its OPEN!

Woot guys! Here's some cool new releases , most of them you will find into The Secret Affair event ,some of then are gacha and the rigged mesh cape from PFC its a exclusive event item... The Gauntlet,its the newest release from PFC ,it has multi texture hud so you can customize as you like(Also the cape), has a rigged mesh and no rigged mesh version and i love how it has been rigged,looks very natural! The Gauntlet its not a event item so check the mainstore for it ;)

Horns - DRD-Death Row Designs - Horns dark

Hair - .:EMO-tions:. - * LESTAT * /black

Mask - PFC~ - Dragon Slayer - Tiara (gold) RARE {Secret Affair}

Cape - PFC~ - Northern Cape [Multi Texture Hud] {Secret Affair}

Chest belt - Part of - PFC~ - Gladiator - Chest Straps

Stomach belt - Pure Poison - Khal Drogo - Belt - Black {Secret Affair}

Gloves - PFC~ - Gauntlet -  (rigged) [Multi Texture Hud]

Upper arm cuff - PFC~ - Dragon Slayer - Skull arm Common  {Secret Affair}

Belt - PFC~ - Dragon Slayer - Belt (gold) Common {Secret Affair}

Pants - [The Forge] - Bran Pants S (Brown)

Boots [The Forge] - Wastelander Boot

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