Friday, May 2, 2014


 Yay guys! Looking some a interesting and different skybox? Check this out!!!!!!
GOD has released a 100% furnished and very interactive with many funny things inside to play with it, you can listen a song and dance, you can make exercises, watch the sky, many romantic scenes (Also adult ones) and much more, don't forget to check it at Fantasy Faire 2014!
I'm wearing a new outfit from Kauna, released at the Fameshed , there's many options on,so you can make many different combinations .. And of course,there's always a cool stuff that you will find at Fantasy Gacha Carnival to wear with your outfits,you will find that cool cane made by LJ in the next round of FGC!

Hat - [ dynasty ] - Beige Driving Cap {Mens Wear Fashion Week 2014}

Pipe - ::BB:: - Bubble Pipe

Monocle - [ContraptioN] - Bramley's Monocle

Cane - [LJ] - Fancy Cane - Mjolnir - Silver {Fantasy Gacha Carnival/Star's 4/May}

Outfit - Kauna - XIV Tweed Suit: Twill Brown {Fameshed}

Shoes - Kauna - Wingtip Brogues

Full furnished mesh skybox ~*GOD*~ - The Atelier {Fantasy Faire 2014}

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