Monday, May 5, 2014

The Dragons!!

Sati chan wear's:

Helmet: [The Forge] -  Eldar Helmet, Steel ULTRA RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Hair: Eaters Coma - GIFT 03 (L) / Dark Ash Brown

Armor: -DRD- - Dark iron items {We Love RP/May}

Cape: Peqe - Cape Black Fur ULTRA RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Tunic: !APHORISM! - Chainmail Tunic - Stygian (RARE) with arrow attack hud {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Pouch Belt: [The Forge] - Traveler's Belt, Female, Black ULTRA RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Sword: [EZ] - Wrath's Conviction - (Gold)

Shield: PFC~ - Knight Shield

Gauntlet: PFC~ - Gauntlet {Multi Texture Hud}

Skirt: *OAL* - Ashely - Cyan {We Love RP/May}

Poses - {NanTra} - The Dragon Thief {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

ChroMiuM chan wear's:

Helmet - PFC~ - Iron Helm - horny {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Tattoo - <Kun> - Asia War Paint-Rare {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Armor - -DRD-  - Dark iron {We Love RP/May}

Scripted tunic - !APHORISM!- - Chainmail Tunic - Silver -RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Belt - PFC~ - Belt packs (black) {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Axe - [EZ] - Axe of Retribution

Pants - Part of {Exalted} - Woodland Strider {We Love RP/May}

Boots - Part of {Exalted} - Regent {We Love RP/May}

Poses - {NanTra} - The Dragon Thief {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

The Dragons...

The Dragons are werable, animated when you walk or fly and comes in a Human or Dwarfins sizes!

Dwarfins - Night Rider Dragon {Fantasy Faire 2014}

Dwarfins - Skyrider Albino Dragon {Fantasy Faire 2014}

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