Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Prince

Hair - *ARGRACE* - ARATA - Dark Brown

Crown - *OAL* - Ashley Crown A {We Love RP/Start's 4/May 15:00SLT}

Necklace - [The Forge] - Boadicea's Necklace (Gold)

Outfit - {Exalted} - Regent - Blue and Silver - We <3 RP Exclusive {We Love RP/Start's 4/May 15:00SLT}

Upper arm dagger - [The Forge] - Leg Dagger, Male, Brown {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Belt - [The Forge] - Traveler's Belt, Male, Brown Ultra Rare  {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Leg pouch - [The Forge] - Leg Pouch, Male, Brown {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Sword - [EZ] - Wrath's Conviction

Poses - {NanTra} - The Dragon Thief {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

Dragon - Part of poses set of {NanTra} - Hear Me Roar! {Fantasy Gacha Carnival}

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