Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Statue

Hey guys, don't forget to about the Fantasy Faire 2014! Its OPEN so run to explore many amazing places around that giant fantasy event! And ,Fantasy Gacha Carnival its coming soon! Here's some previews of that amazing events!!

Crown - .:Aurica Store:. - Fenix Crown Silver RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival/Star's 4/May}

Face chainDRD - Facechain [Gacha]

Collar - :: AME :: - Eirich Collar Silver Semi RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival/Star's 4/May}

Necklace [The Forge] - Boadicea's Necklace (Silver)

Upper arm chain - DRD - Upperarmchain [Gacha]

Bracelet  - Sweet Poison - Bolted Cuff Right (Silver) {Fantasy Gacha Carnival/Star's 4/May}

Skin with skirt - Fallen Gods Inc.- Lacrimosa, male {Fantasy Faire 2014}

Sandal - [SG] - Mercury's Treads RARE {Fantasy Gacha Carnival/Star's 4/May}

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