Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cyber P2

Helmet w/ goggles  - A&Y - Cyber Helmet M3050 {Multi Texture Hud}

Hair - A&Y - Dante hair 1st ver - Black

Mask - A&Y - Lumen Cyber Mask (Male) {Multi Texture Hud}

Jacket - FashionNatic - Martin Jacket {Multi Texture Hud}

Cyber heart - Necronon - Cyberheart 2.0

Belt [NeurolaB Inc.] - Cyber Belt X-2 (MEN)  {Multi Texture Hud}

Pants - FashionNatic - Kevon Suspender Pants {Multi Texture Hud}

Shoes  - FLite. - Masters Black Affair Available @ {Limited Project event}

Weapon [R] - DubStep Gun (White) (Cool gun with many musics and glowing effects on bullets)

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