Thursday, July 10, 2014

Save The Date

Save The Date its a event about summer, beach, sun, fruits, sunglasses, bikinis, and everything related with many very creative and talented designers waiting for you! The event already started so ,take a look here what you will find over there!


BBQ set - Kei's - BBQ Grills & Coolers {All items are scripted and interactive, it means that you can open/close the boxes , grill , take drinks and so on}  Avalable @ Save The Date

Barrel with decorations[Fuubutsu Dou!]   - Barrel Group Avalable @ Save The Date

Table with bench ,parasol , fruity and foods plates - Kei's - Picnic Table (texture change version) {With 6 animations and props} Avalable @ Save The Date

Blue tubeKei's - Inner Tube Drifting (blue plaid) {You can set speed} Avalable @ Save The Date

Double tubeKei's - Inner Tube Double (wide stripe) {You can set speed and sit 2 persons} Avalable @ Save The Date

That 2 tubes are RARE items  from a gacha made for the event,the Ultrarare item its a rezzer that contains all tubes inside ;)

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