Wednesday, July 2, 2014

They are coming!

Yes,they are coming at OhMyGacha ,you will find Anubis,Horus and Bastet made by Death Row Designs!
And........ All that background buildings you will find at We Love RP and this time the event starts at 5/July so yes,you will need to wait one more day =)
Keep your eyes here for more previews of that amazing event!

Helmet - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Anubis male Available @ OhMyGacha

Armbands - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Snake armbands M2 Available @ OhMyGacha

Bracers - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Ancient agypt gauntlet Available @ OhMyGacha

Belt - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Ancient egyptian tool belt Available @ OhMyGacha

Staff - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Ancient staff anubis Available @ OhMyGacha


All buildings and palms made by - Kalopsia - Sand of Time Available @ We Love Roleplay | Start's 5/July

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