Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unknown Viking!

Hair with headpiece - Yasum - Cyber Dreads*EPIC*MALE* {Multi Texture Hud} Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival /Start's in August

Horn with headpiece - Pure Poison - Clark Horns Headress - Review Copy

Eye patch - Sweet Poison - The Salty Dog Eye Patch (Left) Fur

Fangs - [ContraptioN] - The Carnivorous Jaw

Ears - [MANDALA] - Fantasy Elf ears {Multi Texture Hud}

Collar - [The Forge] - Rope Chains

Necklace - Eclectica - Octopus Neckpiece-Black(m)

Pauldron - [The Forge] - Gorged Pauldrons,  (Bronze) fur Available @ We Love Roleplay

Chest belt - Part of [The Forge] - Daerwen Armour, Male

R upper arm chain - -DRD-Death Row Designs - Upperarmchain

L upper arm dagger - [The Forge] -  Leg Dagger, Male, Brown

Stomach belt - [The Forge] - Stomach Belt Male, Black

Belt with sword and scripted sword ready for RP - [EZ] - Drake's Cutlass

Bracers - [The Forge] - Viking Bracer

Pants with mechanical leg - [SWaGGa] - Viking Pants  (Pirate) - Black RARE Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival /Start's in August

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