Wednesday, August 6, 2014

OMG Ghosts!!!

Wow, scary but funny ....

Don't forget to check out the KAGAMI event guys, its a funny horror event with many cool stores and you will find a dark and scary entrance over there, if you go inside you will play a scary game with many npcs and get some cool prizes! And look who is there , •⊱Fuubutsu Dou! is there with something special for you! Check this pics out!

Tatami with table + left side case with decorations + decorations over the table + pillow with poses to sit - [Fuubutsu Dou!] - Bonseki-Set Available @ KAGAMI Event

Right side case with all decorations - [Fuubutsu Dou!] - Tanzaku-bako Available @ KAGAMI Event

Lantern - [Fuubutsu Dou!] - Bon Chouchin-RARE (Gacha) Available @ KAGAMI Event

======= The Ghost =======

Ghost outfit with ao - ~Ss~ - Yuurei kimono + (Free @ --> it's a "hunt game", you need to activate the "teddy quest" and must find the beige bear if you want to get it!)

Skin - **JOMO** - 2012 Halloween gifts men skin

Mask - Aesthetica - Apprentice Mask, White (blood)

Hair - *SH* - Saku Hair (black)

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