Saturday, August 9, 2014

Steam Girl

Woot guys!

Check out that amazing releases from Yasum Designs ! The textures are very cool with totally high quality as Yasum always did ! Check this out!

Skin - Ramya - *Gizmolino*PORCELAN

Hair - Yasum - Cyber Dreads* {Multi Texture Hud}  Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Headset - Yasum - Steampunk Headset*female* {Multi Texture Hud}  Gacha

Collar - Yasum - Capture Me* {Multi Texture Hud}  Available @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress - Yasum - Indie Cutie* {Multi Texture Hud}  Exclusive item Available @ District 5/Start's 10/August

Upper arm - [The Forge] - Boadicea's Bracelets

Pauldron - Sweet Poison - Alanna

Bracers - Noodles - Kara Leather Bracers Available @ We Love RP

Sandals - Yasum - SteamSandals*EPIC* Gacha

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