Monday, September 1, 2014

Kids alert!

Who never get the room like this, with many funny toys here and there and over there lol , but that's the funny part of the history and you will have allot of fun with that new releases in Second Life too!

Ohhh cute baby's , that cute avatars are from Yabusaka, its a old release but still very cool! You can find all that clothes and accessories into Yabusaka Main Store too!

And lets check all that decorations and toys =D

Wall music candle holders - Wimey: - Musical Candle Holder w/ Flames

Wall neon banner - Wimey: - Neon Jazzy Guide

Dressing with stool  - Wimey: - Shabby Chickie Vanity

Cats over the dressing - [LJ] Lost Junction - Caturday Morning Available @ Oneworld

Cat pillows - [LJ] Lost Junction - Caturday Morning Pillows Available @ Oneworld

Crate with toys - <:*BoOgErS*:> - Toy CrateStack

Toys on the ground - MadPea - Rewind & Play {All items are scripted ,animated,interactive,and very very FUNNY!! } Available @ The Arcade

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