Sunday, November 16, 2014

Steampunk wars

Hey guys check out that new releases and btw, these Tanks made by RavenGhost are full scripted and animated, you can drive it or you can combat with your friends... It comes with a rezzer and a scoreboard, so you will have hours of fun playing with this amazing vehicles!

Combat Tanks - Ravenghost - Steampunk Battle Tanks V1.1 Available @ We Love Roleplay !

===================== ChroMiuM Wear's ==========================

Top hat - [SWaGGa] - BigBen Tophat v2 {Multi Texture Hud}

Mask - Eudora 3D - Eyes of the TechnoMancer Mask Black {Multi Texture Hud}

Earring - [ContraptioN] - Border Earrings *gold*

Wings - [ContraptioN] - Scrap Imp (male) *Light Wood* Canvas  Grey

Spikes - [ContraptioN] - Pseudo Amor Harness *default* spine F

Pipe - BP - Storyteller Pipe (Steam Reader) rare

Necklace - [The Forge] - Pocket Watch (Gold)

Belt - DRD - Male utility belt dark leather

Shirt - United Colors - Taka Shirt Black unisex   Available @ TLC

Pants - United Colors - Taka Pants Black unisex   Available @ TLC

Boots - United Colors - Black_Gold Paneled Sneaker Boots  unisex Available @ TLC

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