Tuesday, June 16, 2015

22769 @ The Multicultural Menu Festival

Check this out guys! Here's some cool new items to collect from the amazing creators from 22769!


The Bakery Building - LI 23/15 Prims - 10,9 x 10, 7x 5,9 meters,

The Bakery Chair - 9 single sit- and 8 Dining animations - LI 3/2 Prims

The Bakery Bench - 8 single sit- and 6 couple sit animations - LI 3/2 Prims

You find the following Sets/Items along to a complete set available at the Venue:

The Bakery Sweets

The Bakery Breadrools

The Bakery Interior Set

The Bakery Furniture Set

The Bakery (Building only)

The Bakery Decoration Set

Vintage Espresso Machine

Vintage Register Counter

All available @ The Multicultural Menu Festival


And outside you can see a little organ that you can find at the mainstore - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Vintage Fairground Street Organ

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