Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cute but dangerous!

Hair: (red)Mint -  Hair No.32'15 (with butterfly)

Headpiece: Pure Poison - Caprisci Headdress - RARE

Head: Boataom - Mesh head_Yuri ( Free Gift )

Tattoo: #KA# - Flower Pendants  Tattoo

Pauldron: .Enfant Terrible. - Decor Armor shoulder

Necklace: [The Forge] - Harvest Moon

Outift: FDD Stories - *Audry* - RARE - Totally Top Shelf

Staff: FDD Stories - *Skylark Great Staff* GoldAntique - RARE

Shield: FDD Stories - *Elsie* Shield Golden - RARE

Right Bracelet: [V/W] - Flower Bracer R03 - RARE

Left Bracelet: [V/W] - Mystic Bracer EPIC 01

Claws: Kibitz - Nila Claws - RARE

Sword: [EZ] - Wrath's Conviction

Sandals: FDD Stories - *Summer Flats* - RARE

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