Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fun room

Hi guys! I bring to you some photos of funny items to decorate your skybox or home, check out that amazing creations!

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Items used :

[LJ] Lost Junction - Fresh Furniture - Sweet Potato Cushion

[LJ] Lost Junction - Rainy Day Ceiling Hangs - Cloud A (Lightning)

[LJ] Lost Junction - Rainy Day Ceiling Hangs - Bird

[LJ] Lost Junction - Peggy Sue Dresser - Dress (floor) Buddy Black

..::TH::.. THOR - AltieBassi Lamp

..::TH::.. THOR - Invaders Lamp A Right*

..::TH::.. THOR - Kitty Book Shelf

..::TH::.. THOR - Invaders Couch B&W

..::TH::.. THOR - Retrogaming Tea Table B/W vinyl edition

..::TH::.. THOR - Perfect Circle Lamp *Slavasesh*

..::TH::.. THOR - Bookshelf Wall

..::TH::.. THOR - Inkblot Tattoo Neon Sign

{what next} - Loungin Rug

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