Friday, November 6, 2015


Hey guys! Great news for you \o Have you heard about animated ears using default secondlife animations? To be simple, have you heard about a ear with AO? Hah yeah, thats what im going to show you here, that new generation ears created by BentBox Store use default sl animations and it has alot of,for stand,walk,run and also it has options to add tattoo,piercings and adjust colors... Im using some items from a Faun set from same store witch also comes with a animated ear but with less options witch are very cute too,and with animated tail! The legs also comes with a hud to change the skins,colors, and works with many kind of mesh bodys such as Maitreya, Freya , Isis , Slink male or female and ofc works with standard mesh bodys! The eyes also from BentBox,its just amazing with materials enabled!!!! I did a combination with amazing stores here so maybe you have a idea what to wear ;) Soo lets stop talking and here we go the list =D

Hair - Tableau Vivant \\ - Kyou hair - Unisex Available @ We Love Roleplay Nov/2015

Eyes - BentBox - Lightcatcher Eyes 1.1 Available @ We Love Roleplay Nov/2015

Face scar - [theSkinnery] - Huntress Markings - Scratch Available @ We Love Roleplay Nov/2015

Dirt tattoo w/ slink appliers - Part of PFC~ - Freedom

Horns,animated tail and faun legs - Bentbox - Faun Set Available @ We Love Roleplay Nov/2015

Animated ears BentBox - Sylvan Ears Available @ We Love Roleplay Nov/2015

Harness  - AM - Raven Harness (Slink Physique) - Brown

L upper arm band - Part of - PFC~ - Gladiator

Arm armor and pauldron - [The Forge] - Eldar Armour, Male (Wood)

Belt - Part of - PFC~ - Gladiator - Belt (iron)

Leg weapon - [EZ] - Irdu Blowdart Sheath (Strap)

Body horns - .{Rue}. - Horns/Oracle 

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