Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Enchantment its OPEN!

Hey guys,another round of The Enchantment its OPEN with many creative and call things for you! Check out some previews!

Hat - Pure Poison - Pirate Comander Hat

Eyepatch - Sweet Poison - The Salty Dog Eye Patch (Left)

Pipe - PFC~ - Smoking Pipe - classic (Comes in 6 different types of pipes, with hud to control where you will release the smoke such as mouth,nose, ears .... Switch from mouth to hand with custom animations, releases smokes or bubbles and mutch more! )

Necklace - ~:: EMPYREAN FORGE::~ - The Promise Necklace NEW release available @ The Enchantment

Stole - [Stitched] - Fur Stole MALE / Pitch RARE

Gloves - PFC~ - Fur gloves (no rigged) - (Comes with a hud to change textures of different areas also with a fittedmesh version!)

Pants - PFC~ - Pan Pants (Comes with hud to change textures of different areas, short version for boots also available in same pack with Male or Female versions) NEW release available @ The Enchantment

Tattoo -  Part of PFC~ Freedom (Im using the body layer tattoo plus the slink applier)

Weapon - PFC~ - Berserker Twins 3.0 Full scripted with custom sounds,animations and very creative (Ready to use with any combat meter such as GM or dcs ones)

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