Sunday, April 16, 2017

Time to cook

Yo guyz! TIA is Back with a new brand of items and news, the store has been updated, also with Free group gifts fo you!
And....... with a superb cool new release, a full kitchen to decorate your home in separated parts , 7 different colors to choose from the menu (Yes, you dont need to buy each color), PG and Aduld versions... The counters have 9 Single, 7 Cuddles and 48 Adult animations... The fridge 6 Cuddles and 28 Adult animations! If you get the fatpack you get 40%OFF or you can buy just what do you need!
On this pic i have used on R side, some decorations from Frogstar, and a Vase with a plant that i like alot from Noble Creations!! Chck this out...

Kitchen set - [Tia] - Olivia Kitchen

Jelly Cupboard  - Frogstar - Jelly Cupboard (Light)

Frogstar - Mini Apothecary Chest (Brown)

Vase - [NC] - Yucca Plant Vase

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