About us and Review policy

Unike Style its a really simple fashion blog but with real SecondLife quality (No Photoshop effects that affect the items quality, WHY that? We show the original content here and we dont want anyone disapointed after buy something after see a FAKE ADS ,i know its bealtyfull when we photoshop with alot of effects but here its not a ART blog ).
 We try to show to everyone the real quality of the items in secondlife in different windlight settings.

Our style is NOT Urban only, i think secondlife its for fun and not just to wear RL items so we love to post everything that its different from RL TOO!

From now 2014, We decided to not advertise stores items that are FULL PERMS .

If you like to see your items blogged in Unike style please make a sure that your items are Original Content [SLOCCA].

If you like to see your store items posted with your Store name+SLURL please Drop a Folder to ChroMiuM Praga (With your name and store name), with your item that you want to be posted + landmark of your store .

For famele items please do the same for Sati Rotaru .

If the product has been created for an event, please add details about a possible special price and availability as well as information like name, background and duration of the event.

If you want to be our official sponsor and have your store logo in our blog + all new releases featured in UnikeStyle ,please contact me inworld by Notecard or IM me in facebook.

We will post full outfits, clothes parts, skins , hairs , acessories , tattoos , eyes , full avatars etc etc but NOT shapes ,please dont try to send.

Disclaimer for non official sponsors: Please understand that not all items that you send in will be posted, i will try to post everything that has high quality to keep the blog quality!

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